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Power up your marketing with our data intelligence solutions

As a b2b marketer, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and expand your b2b network then you should not limit your promotional activities within the boundary of traditional marketing methodologies. You need to keep track of every beat of this dynamic market and the contemporary marketing trends. At Data Genics, we help businesses in market expansion and amplifying ROI by providing highly-responsive, yet affordable marketing intelligence solutions. Are you ready for that?

Reach the perfect audience with our marketing intelligence services

When marketers are busy planning their marketing strategies and campaign budget, they usually miss out on one yet the most important factor – using the right business database. It is a must to use authentic data, as it forms the foundation of every marketing campaign. With people changing jobs, houses, email addresses and interests frequently, keeping track is getting tougher for marketers. At Data Genics, we offer cost-effective Data Intelligence Solutions to keep your data up-to-date to get optimum results and improve revenues generation. Translate data into actionable insights with our solutions:

List Management                                Data Management

  • Data Cleansing                                              Email Lists
  • Data Profiling                                                List Building
  • Data Appending                                            Data Verification
  • Phone Appending                                         Email Appending
  • Social Media Profile Appending               Contact Appending

Trust our data marketing services for saving time and resource

With data demanding a close watch, and its importance increasing every day, it is essential to ensure that all the data that you have, have procured or rented, needs to be maintained efficiently. As with many companies, it is an arduous task to do the same. Collaborating with a data services provider such as Data Genics allows you with a larger bandwidth of services, coupled with expertise and precise knowledge that is hard to come by. Be it list management that involves list building or email lists, or data management in general, we will assist you with everything.